Add-ons or additional programs that enrich the features of a browser, its existence is very helpful, but what would happen if the add-ons into the browser on the performance bottleneck that we use? certainly a dilemma, especially if a lot of our work are helped with add-ons.

Suppose you are a webdesigner who firebugs to detect error installing scripts that you created, existence of firebugs is something very vital but taukah you if it turns out these add-ons slow down firefox performance up to 70%. For some users this might just feels different so milli seconds but some users with lower hardware specs will be very influential.

solutions and anticipation that you can do to overcome this: disabled add-ons that you do not need or enabled only when you need it. because the add-ons will only use resouce when its status is enabled, then note the rating, review, and detailed information of an add-ons that you want to add into your firefox.

Here’s a list of addons with the slowest load sequence: